Yellowstone River

View south from a viewpoint opposite Tower Falls.

Address: 44°53'39.9"N 110°23'00.7"W

Located in Yellowstone, the Yellowstone River travels through the Narrows of the Yellowstone before traversing Buffalo Plateau and Blacktail Deer Plateau and finally, exiting between Black Canyon of the Yellowstone and into Gardiner, Montana where it becomes a major white water rafting expedition. Where the water is calm, the Yellowstone River is great for fishing. The best area to view the Yellowstone River is from a free pullout access 0.7 miles northeast of Tower Junction on Northeast Entrance Road. The pullout can be found just before a bridge that crosses the river and next to the pullout is a hiking trail descending to the river’s edge. There is no walkway on the bridge so proceed across with caution.


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