Swan Lake Flat

The wide-open space that makes wildlife watching dreamy. Photo by: Ralph Maughan

Address: 44°54'42.7"N 110°43'57.1"W

Located in Yellowstone, is another great, free landmark south of Mammoth Village and on Grand Loop Road is Swan Lake Flat which is frequented by wildlife and wildlife-watchers alike. No visit to Swan Lake Flat is complete without binoculars and if you have one, a telephoto lens. Swan Lake Flat is a prairie covered in sagebrush and a common place to spot gray wolves, grizzly bears, and elk. Swan Lake, which used to blanket the prairie but is now a minuscule shadow of its former self, is still known for being home to Trumpeter Swans in Summer, making this a great stop for bird-watchers in addition to the more traditional wildlife-watchers. In winter, it’s common to find bison in the area. The vast, open space on high elevation makes it easy to spot nearly any movement, making it ideal for amateurs and professionals alike. Finding the area can be difficult, look for a small parking lot on the right side of the road when driving south from Mammoth.


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