Shop the Outfit of the Day October 1, 2020

I owned this skirt for three years before I learned it had pockets. ⁠

I've never understood the issues around pockets in women's clothing. Pants that have fake pockets, or you get pockets that you can't even fit a phone in. When I first bought this skirt from H&M in high school I didn't know it had pockets. I wore it for years without ever knowing it had pockets. ⁠

And then I moved to college, took it with me on a study abroad trip to Trinidad and Tobago, and while doing laundry realized that there were pockets on the inside and that they had sewn them closed. One of my roommates walked in on me cutting out the seams and asked, "Why are you cutting holes in your skirt?" And my skirt has had pockets ever since.⁠

Have you ever bought an article of clothing only to realize that it had hidden pockets like these? Or worse, that what you thought were real pockets turned out to be fake?⁠

When the cold hits our outfits tend to get bulky and shapeless but I love this skirt because it gives me a waistline no matter what the season and what I’m wearing it with. Even though it’s a busy pattern it can be super fun and flirty and goes with a ton of tops in my closet making it a versatile maximalist piece.

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