Sarah's Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge

Hello everyone, my name is Sarah and I am a chronically off-and-on player of The Sims and today I will be starting the 100 Baby Challenge, (or should I say restarting for the thousandth time because I am a perfectionist), but with a few changes. The original 100 Baby Challenge rules are from 2015 from an anonymous writer, but this is my challenge for me and my fun and I’m going to change a few of the rules. The main goal of the 100 Baby Challenge is to give birth to and raise 100 children without ever having the same baby parent (essentially sperm donor but we’re working with the ability of any sim being able to impregnate the matriarch) twice and we’re sticking to that central message.

The Rules


Sims in Household


Romancing Baby Parents


Aging Up Children

Rules Being Maintained

Other Changing Rules

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