Santa Fe Day 3

We’ve figured out that nothing around here starts until ten. Everyone lays in their beds until eight at the earliest and here my mom and I are, morning people, in a place where morning people don’t exist. That is until this morning, we found the one and only part of town that opens at a normal time of day, Museum-street. Museum-street has a few of the major art museums in the state including two Native American museums, a Spanish Colonial art museum, a Folk Art Museum, and the botanical garden. If you’re interested in watching a play at the botanical garden pavilion or taking a class in natural Native American uses of native plants then I recommend checking the botanical garden website ahead of your visit. While we did neither of these things ourselves, we did enjoy the garden immensely and my mom said it was her favorite thing in the entire trip.

We took our time wandering the different parts of the garden and taking photos, which turned out lovely but if I’m being completely honest I didn’t do my hair or get dressed in a nice outfit and I feel like I look a bit of a slob in all of these photos.

We perused shops at the Plaza for the rest of the morning and ate lunch at Rooftop Pizzeria at around one in the afternoon. I strongly recommend you don’t eat at this restaurant. We ‘created our own pizza’ and I ordered a simple pesto and mozzarella pizza with spinach, mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes, which is my typical order at Mod Pizza. Mod Pizza doesn’t make me feel as if my insides are tumultuous, they don’t serve me my pizza forty-five minutes after ordering, they don’t serve it to me with eight pounds of mozzarella on it retaining so much moisture that my pizza is wet and raw in the middle. Because we ate at this restaurant we couldn’t go anywhere for the rest of the day because my mom and I had returned to the hotel and were making very good use of our one bathroom. Don’t. Eat. Here.

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