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Live Mocha

Universarium - Межвузовская площадка электронного образования

Coursera - I Speak Russian

Open Culture - A Spoonful of Russian

Open Culture - Business Russian

Open Culture - Foreign Service Institute Russian Fast

Open Culture - Foreign Service Russian: An Active Introduction

Open Culture - Learn Russian

Open Culture - Learn Russian Fluently, Easily, and Effectively

Open Culture - Russian Grammar

Open Culture - Russian Literature

Open Culture - One Minute Russian

Open Culture - Russian Essentials

Open Culture - Russian Pod 101

Open Culture - Russian Handwriting

Open Culture - Speak Fluent Russian



Coursera - Russian B1

Coursera - Russian B1+

Coursera - Russian B2

Coursera - Russian B2+

Media Resources:

Television Shows:

  • Better Than Us

Netflix Codes

Netflix codes can be entered into the Netflix search engine to find movies in the genre, some but not all of these movies will be in the intended language. I will continue to add to this list of resources but this is another tool for you to be able to find resources.

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