Roosevelt Arch

Roosevelt Arch at the Northern entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

Address: 2819 US-89, Gardiner, MT 59030

(45°01'46.6"N 110°42'31.0"W)

Just outside of Yellowstone and in Gardiner, Montana, the Roosevelt Arch is among the most intricate and interesting man-made park entrances in the country and a gorgeous historic landmark. Built and dedicated to President Theodore Roosevelt, who laid the first cornerstone of the monument, in 1903, the stone and mortar arch vaults the original entry road to the park known as Park Street. Cars can still traverse this entrance, but large RVs are directed to a detour that circumvents the narrow opening. Visitors are welcome to park on Park Street and wander around the Arch and nearby Arch Park. Visiting Arch Park and Roosevelt Arch are free.


Video credit: National Park Service


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