Roaring Mountain

The barren landscape whistles.

Address: 44°46'50.9"N 110°44'14.0"W

Located in Yellowstone, along Grand Loop Road, five miles north of Geyser Basin is Roaring Mountain. This seemingly empty hillside is riddled with steam vents called fumaroles. While the roaring thunderous sound that the hillside is named for has dulled over the last century since the classification of Yellowstone as a National Park and documentation of the landmark began. There is a free interpretive site where you can explore and from here you can still hear the hissing of the vents if you listen for it. The heat and gas emitted from these geothermal vents are why the hillside is so barren because it kills any trees or life that attempt to make this area home. The only life to be found on Roaring Mountain is the thermophilic microorganisms that thrive in extreme environments such as this one. To get the best views of the steam visit in the early morning, late evening, and winter.


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