Online Language Courses

The following is a list of online language apps and courses, many but not all of these resources are free. Among these are structured courses, textbooks, podcasts, video series, and more! There are also media resources in the Experiential Learning section where television shows and movies, music, and podcasts or news sources are linked that would be regularly consumed by native speakers. These resources are mostly intended for people wanting to learn the language and so can be easier to comprehend, but your language journey is not complete if you don’t seek out both kinds of sources!

Language Learning Apps

Duolingo: A comprehensive game-based learning app or online experience that offers 36 languages for English speakers to learn: Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Swedish, Irish, Greek, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Romanian, Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Hindi,