My Day in the Clouds

My longest flight lasted the entirety of this day. It started at 11:45pm EST and didn’t end until 10:00pm in Johannesburg, South Africa. My day disappeared in the clouds and it was a small piece of Hell.

There was a teenager a couple of seats away from me listening to obnoxious Tik Toks on full volume without headphones despite the fact that they were provided by the airline. The passenger in front of me, even though he was sitting on an exit row with the most leg room of anyone, kept slamming his seat back into me without warning and without so much as bothering to look behind him to make sure I wasn’t laying there or eating. He nearly spilled my breakfast on me and then hit me in the head while I was asleep on two separate occasions. I tried asking him to put it up and he ignored me so I went to sleep with my knees against the seat so he couldn’t push it back. Try me asshole.

The airplane experiences a fair bit of turbulence on and off, but the food was the worst. I flew Ethiopian Air, which was the cheapest option and what can I say? I’m a broke college student. I did get a chance to learn why it was so dirt cheap though, when the food came out. They kept serving this stuff they called chicken curry that consisted of rock-hard chicken and mountains of black pepper with a complete absence of turmeric. I could only manage a few bites at each meal which got me through it but I was really missing some staple snacks and anything with nutrition by the time we landed. All I wanted was a crisp Washington apple.

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