May 27, 2022: Art Upon Art

A Day in the Life:

Today we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the largest Museums of Art in the world and an absolute beast of an activity. Even with the hours, we spent there we only wandered through half of the first floor of exhibits. We spent more than 3 hours perusing exhibits on Egyptian history, the rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire and Rome, and the current exhibit on American Fashion before leaving to get lunch.

We walked over to Casa Birria and grabbed tacos that we ate in Central Park while being stared at on all sides by animals hoping that we might drop all of our food on the ground.

When we returned to the Met after lunch we wandered through the American Wing and the exhibits on Native American Art, Medieval History, and Armor and Weaponry.

When our brains were full and our feet were falling off we finally decided to leave, having walked nearly five miles before 3 pm. We took the bus over to a craft shop that Kassondra was excited about called Knitty City and perused their extensive collection of yarn. After picking out some supplies for projects during this trip we waited for it to get wound into a ball and then left.

Once back at the hotel room, Kassondra started dyeing my hair (she’s a professional cosmetologist so save your oh no’s for someone else’s story), something she hasn’t done in months, and that I was in desperate need of an update too. The process took hours, which is standard, but we were all certainly exhausted.

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