March 4, 2020

I love Wednesdays because I have no Mycology class, no lab, and today I was able to do my internship remotely, so I didn’t have to leave my bed. I did, in fact, leave my bed for periods of time but I was able to have a smoothie, write a lab report, create a shit ton of TikTok videos (which will hopefully be completed and published over the next couple of weeks, my TikTok is @realsarahkoenig).

At noon I went to Banes, which is the complex that has the Ok Foods grocery store and ATMs in it to grab some necessities like toilet paper and Nutella. As we were walking out of Banes the bottom of my bag broke because the bagger had put all of the heavy items (which there were quite a few) in one bag and the bottom of my Nutella jar broke which made me very upset. I brought it to the store manager and asked for a replacement, which is generally just good customer service. Instead, she yelled at me that since it was my bag, she wouldn’t replace it. I am not a person that avoids confrontation, so I yelled back that she was rude and had terrible customer service. I tried to carry my busted ass Nutella jar back to Emona without making anything worse and then transferring the uncontaminated Nutella from the top of the jar into a different jar but when I tried it later there were still shards of glass so I’m going to trash the whole thing which just makes me disappointed.

In the afternoon I watched Glee and worked on typing data into my spreadsheet which went much slower on my laptop because my laptop doesn’t have a ten-key. That evening I called my parents and challenged my mom to a ten-key typing competition because I can already type on a regular keyboard faster than her but I think I’ll lose because typing on a ten-key is basically her entire job and it’s only been mine for two days.

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