Mandarin Chinese

Online Courses:

EdX - All Chinese edX Courses



Live Mocha

Coursera - Chinese For Beginners

Coursera - Chinese Characters For Beginners

Coursera - More Chinese For Beginners

EdX - Mandarin Chinese Level 1

EdX - Mandarin Chinese Essentials

EdX - Start Talking Mandarin Chinese

Open Culture - Real Chinese by BBC

Open Culture - Beginner’s Chinese (iTunes)

Open Culture - Chinese for Beginners

Open Culture - More Chinese for Beginners by Peking University

Open Culture - Beginning Chinese by Seton Hall (iTunes)

Open Culture - Beginning Chinese Reading by Seton Hall (iTunes)

Open Culture - Chinese Basic by University of Cambridge

Open Culture - Chinese Learn Online (iTunes)

Open Culture - Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk

Open Culture - Chinese Pod (iTunes)

Open Culture - Foreign Service Institute Standard Chinese: A Modular Approach

Open Culture -

Open Culture - Learn Chinese in Your Car

Open Culture - Learn Chinese on Spotify

Open Culture - Mandarin Chinese Characters by Emory University (iTunes)

Open Culture - Mandarin in China by the United States Peace Corps

Open Culture - Numbers and Radicals by Emory University (iTunes)

Open Culture - One Minute Mandarin (iTunes)

Open Culture - Popup Chinese (iTunes)

Open Culture - Slow Chinese (iTunes)

Open Culture - Tsinghua Chinese by Tsinghua University

University of Texas - Gateway to Chinese | Practice materials for beginning Mandarin Chinese



EdX - Intermediate Business Chinese

EdX - Intermediate Chinese Grammar

Coursera - Mandarin Chinese For Intermediate Learners

Beyond the Five - AP Chinese - structured course

Open Culture - Intermediate Chinese by Seton Hall (iTunes)

Open Culture - Intermediate Chinese Reading by Seton Hall (iTunes)


Open Culture - Advanced Chinese by Seton Hall (iTunes)

Open Culture - Advanced Chinese Reading by Seton Hall (iTunes)


Chinese For HSK 1

Chinese For HSK 2

Chinese For HSK 3

Chinese For HSK 4

Chinese For HSK 5

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