Mammoth Hot Springs Upper Terrace

Orange Spring Mound is a geothermal landmark along the Mammoth Hot Springs Upper Terrace.

Address: 44°57'59.6"N 110°42'40.1"W

Located in Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs Upper Terrace is a beautiful drive weaving around geothermal wonders and the views are free and easy to access. While the Mammoth Hot Springs Lower Terraces involves a walking exploration, for those that are looking to see more with less effort Upper Terrace is for you. The Upper Terrace is only 0.75 miles of boardwalk and offers a different perspective on the geothermal wonders as well as views of the mountains and Mammoth Village. The road leading to the Upper Terrace boardwalk can be found two miles south of Mammoth Village towards Norris. This one-way road winds among springs for 1.5 miles before a half-mile loop back to connect to the main road. Among the sights at the Upper Terraces are Prospect Terrace, New Highland Terrace, Orange Spring Mound, Bath Lake, White Elephant Back Terrace, and Angel Terrace.


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