List of My Favorite Spicy Novels

Congratulations, you have made it to smut-central, here you will find a plethora of porn, BDSM, Reverse Harem, Dark Romance, Mafia, Monsters, Werewolves, and more. Whatever your desire, you’re likely to find it here and, unlike any other view of my Airtable library database, here you can find a column of kinks in which you can search for the exact kind of literotica your heart desires.

Here you will find a judgment-free zone to explore your sexual desires, whether you’re looking for something milder like From Blood and Ash, where the plot is riveting and the porn makes it sensational, or something much spicier, like Ice Planet Barbarians where a big blue alien himbo goes down on the main character in the first 100 pages and has a vibrating sex toy penis including spur for extra clitoral stimulation.

My spicy rating system is as follows: any level of sex gets a one-star spice rating. This is a young adult-appropriate level of spice and something I would be comfortable recommending to mature middle school audiences. A two-star spice rating means that the book has one or two sex scenes included. A three-star spice rating means that the book has a few sex scenes, but sex is not maneuvering the plot, and the book would still be very good if you chose to skip over the sex scenes entirely. A four-star spice rating is now in the range of book porn or erotica. There is a plot that exists within the novel beyond sex but the main purpose of the novel is pornographic. A five-star spice rating is very rare but references books that are essentially just sex, they exist solely for the sake of sex, and if you’re looking for a novel that gets to the pornographic content quickly one of these is likely to do that for you. In a five-star spicy book, the sex is the plot.

On this list, you will only find books that are rated three stars spicy or higher because what would a spicy books list be if it only included kissing? Boring.

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