Books That Have Been or Are Being Adapted for Television

Book-to-movie adaptations are something that book lovers have a love-hate relationship with. We all want to see our favorite books come to life, but movies and TV shows often have to cut out some of our favorite content in order to get the story across in the span of two hours versus a book that might be hundreds if not thousands of pages.

We’ve all seen versions of our favorite books that have absolutely butchered them, Percy Jackson and the Olympians comes to mind, the book was amazing, the movie had an entire invented plot around Persephone having mysterious transportation pearls that were a weird invention by the writers. That being said, some book-to-movie adaptations create gorgeous renditions of written works that we love. A couple of my personal favorites are Outlander the television show based on Outlander the book series, and The Hunger Games Movies based on The Hunger Games Trilogy.

Here you can find all of the books that have been or are being adapted for television, and I encourage you to read them before watching the movie or television show!

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