List of Blacklisted Authors

In order to have made it onto this list, an author has to have behaved in a way that I am unwilling to support or promote. The controversy around this behavior must be substantiated with evidence and not be based solely on rumors. I also do not blacklist authors solely because of their work because works of fiction are allowed to explore topics that I am uncomfortable with such as many books in the “Dark Romance” genre.

There are many authors that I choose not to read for personal reasons that do not make it onto my black list, so I take placing an author onto it very seriously and encourage members of my audience to also do their best not to support authors that have been included on this list.

An example of an author on this list is J. K. Rowling who’s work, the Harry Potter Series, included elements of antisemitism, slavery, and anti-trans TERF sentiments, but her behavior outside of her novels showed that she too held these prejudiced and damaging beliefs and proliferated them through her children’s novels. Because of that, I am unwilling to support her on my channels even though I did enjoy the Harry Potter Series itself. This also means that the entire Harry Potter Series received a one-star review because I have blacklisted J. K. Rowling. I will also state that while an author might not be blacklisted for their work, a work that is intended for younger audiences but includes prejudiced subliminal messaging such as that in the Harry Potter Series will also receive a one-star rating because I consider it potentially very damaging for its intended audience.

J. K. Rowling

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