Lamar Valley

One of the best wildlife watching areas in all of Yellowstone. Photographer: Jacob W Frank

Address: 44°52'07.1"N 110°10'28.9"W

Located in Yellowstone and often referred to as America’s Serengeti, Lamar Valley promises some of the best wildlife and wildlife-watching in all of Yellowstone if not all of America. This is a can’t miss place for anyone visiting Northern Yellowstone. The sagebrush valley is filled with bison, elk, pronghorn antelope (which are not actually a species of antelope), bighorn sheep, and are frequented by both black bears and grizzly bears, wolves, and bobcats are occasionally spotted along the Yellowstone River. Bird-watchers should be sure to watch the trees for falcons and bald eagles. The Yellowstone Forever Institute’s Lamar Buffalo Ranch Field Campus is also located in Lamar Valley.

From Tower Junction, follow the Northeast Entrance Road east past Slough Creek. You will find multiple free access pullouts along this section of road for wildlife observation which is most interesting at dawn and dusk. In May, female bears begin bringing their bear cubs to venture into this area. Bring scopes, binoculars, and telephoto lenses for DSLR cameras.


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