June 8, 2022: A Very Hot Day

A Day in the Life:

Today was the hottest day we’ve experienced thus far with most days reaching around 85 degrees Fahrenheit which is at least tolerable. Today was a searing and dry 95 for most of the day and so it was mostly spent lounging, which isn’t a bad thing to do while you’re on vacation. We contemplated going to the beach before realizing that our white asses would roast like lobster right before having to travel to Morocco tomorrow.

This morning we had to switch rooms since we decided to book an extra night in Malaga because we enjoyed this hostel so much and so it was spent packing and then while our new rooms were being prepared we went out for brunch at a lovely if a bit pricey restaurant called Brunch It. I wouldn’t personally recommend it because the food was mostly aesthetic and not super impressive beyond the photo op. Following that we thought we might go out and do something but less than 10 minutes in the sun left us feeling like roasting meat so we decided to relax in the hostel for a few hours and let the temperature come down before exploring in the evening when everything opens back up again anyways.

At 4:30 pm the sun was still high in the sky but we were able to go to the Cathedral of Malaga which had an absolutely breathtaking exterior from all sides and was a very affordable entry fee. We wandered inside and were super impressed with how incredibly massive the organ was before being slightly disappointed to realize that they’re having a show playing the organ the very next day after we would have left. Additionally, we noticed something very strange and shocking that no one warned us about for our travels…there are statuettes and artwork and other depictions of people in the same religious garb that the KKK has appropriated for their uniform and once you start to notice them they’re everywhere. Even knowing that the KKK stole it from the Catholic church and not the other way around it was an absolute shock as an American to see a display of miniature KKK-esque statuettes in a gift shop window or a crowd of people on a poster all dressed in the uniform looking eerily similar to a mob on their way to a lynching. Consider yourself warned, if you go to Malaga, and likely other places in Spain and the Mediterranean where Catholicism dominates you will likely discover something similar.

From there we went to dinner at a small tapas bar called Jamones that had very affordable options for tapas that were all delicious and filling. Everything we had on the menu we left clean plates and Kassondra and I were thinking about going back for more of their chocolate lava cake until hours later because it was so decadent. If you go to Spain, don’t skip out on the tapas, even if you don’t know what you’re ordering or your server speaks no English, honestly it’ll be even better because everything we’ve had has been delectable and I would absolutely eat again and it’s been one of the most affordable options for meals in Spain besides making it yourself.

The evening ended pretty early, especially anticipating that we were going to have to check out tomorrow morning and would probably go exploring the places we haven’t gotten to see in Malaga just before we depart for Morocco.

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