January 7, 2021

Today I was supposed to go skiing and I paused my reread of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas to do just that but my dad failed to buy lift tickets the night before like he said he would and instead put it off for this morning. Well by this morning they were sold out because the weather was so nice that everyone else jumped in to try and go skiing too.

Well, adapt and overcome. We went snow shoeing with the dogs at the Gold Creek Pond Loop, which is a gorgeous area to go snowshoeing but also a lovely hiking trail in the spring. It’s dog friendly so we brought our own along but there were also tons of other dogs. Everyone was wearing masks and doing their best to social distance and I didn’t see any dogs that were off leash. When we left it seemed as though they were setting up for a wedding which was sure to be gorgeous since the lake was mostly frozen over and it felt like a beautiful winter wonderland and the weather was cooperating so well that the sun was reflecting off the snow and making the whole atmosphere brilliant.

That evening I picked up on reading Kingdom of Ash again and think I’ll be finished with the novel at some point tomorrow.

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