January 5, 2021

Yesterday I started Queen of Shadows, which is one of the longer novels in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas but also one of my favorites in the series. In this novel, Rowan and Aelin’s relationship finally starts gaining speed and their love story is one of my favorites, even if it lacks some of the spice of Rhysand and Feyre’s relationship in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series which is also by Sarah J. Maas.

Queen of Shadows took me most of the day to read, and since it’s filled with detailed and intertwined plots I found myself taking breaks more frequently than usual. As impressive as I find both Aelin and Sarah J. Maas' ability to design traps, I also find Maas' level of detail too, at times, to be incredibly boring.

Since this rereading was mostly for Aelin and Rowan’s relationship and they’re not even with each other for the entire beginning of the book I was incredibly bored. I’m not very good at skipping ahead though, even when I’m doing a reread so I pushed through and finished Queen of Shadows, picking up Empire of Storms this evening.

Empire of Storms is by far one of my favorite books of all time and the pinnacle of the Throne of Glass series. It’s got the intricate traps within the plot, Aeling being an absolute badass, my favorite spicy scene between Rowan and Aelin, the beginning of the Manon and Dorian (if you don’t count their brief flirtations in Queen of Shadows when they didn’t really know each other) and Lorcan and Elide romances which are the two other great romances of these novels.

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