January 2, 2021

I went to Kassondra’s to work on printing the new bullet journal pages I had designed yesterday only for the Silhouette cutting machine to decide it was going to be an asshole. We ate some sushi from Sushi Konami and tried trouble-shooting but nothing was working. Eventually, we decided to call it a day because it was just making us both frustrated but our theories are that it was either the new sticker paper that I got off of Amazon which was thicker and not as matte as the sticker paper we had been using before or that there was something on the designs that the Silhouette was mistaking for the registration marks which are the lines that the machine reads in order to know where inside of them to make cuts. UPDATE: It turned out to be the design and not the paper, we used washi tape to cover the text that it was mistaking for a registration mark and then removed it after the machine had finished cutting and the pages came out perfect.

When I got home I printed the stickers that I could on my own printer and cut them by hand so that I could put them in my bullet journal and take a few product photos. It wasn’t as pretty as it would have been were it directly out of the Silhouette since it can make much sharper and more precise cuts than me but it did the job fine. I was feeling antsy about getting it done since I didn’t have many photos of the 2021 Annual Pages and I wanted to finish arranging them in my own bullet journal so that I could work on my own bullet journaling as well as the business end of advertising my stickers. Since I didn’t start working on this idea and trying to build this business until just after Christmas everything is on a time crunch. Once I’ve taken photos I’ll hopefully be able to relax a bit more and find a rhythm to how I want to do this but as it is right now everything feels rather stressful.

This evening I watched the new movie Wonder Woman 1984, a recent release starring Gal Gadot that shows the superhero a few decades after she saved the world during World War 2 in Wonder Woman from 2017. My full reviews are linked, but overall I would definitely recommend and rewatch this movie, I think Gal Gadot did a wonderful job, that the action scenes and the plot were riveting, and I appreciated that the Amazons and she weren’t trussed up in some ridiculous armor that’s designed to make men ogle the actresses rather than to portray a practical or accurate idea of what women’s armor might be. The overt sexualization of women’s armor or clothes in general in action movies is a personal pet peeve of mine. The costumer at least tried to make the clothing choices of the movie seem practical even if there were some sacrifices to historical accuracy in order to make the warriors look more feminine. Case in point, female armor wouldn’t have had breast cups because then a hit would be distributed to the sternum where it would potentially cause more lethal damage, it would have curved around the breasts and directed a hit across the entire torso. All of that is to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, though I have heard mixed reviews.

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