January 16, 2021

Today I woke up feeling motivated to get shit done. I had finished my reading binge and besides a desire to devour fan fiction from the realms of Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses I was feeling as though I could conquer the world. I had other things I wanted to accomplish that took far greater precedent.

The first of which was cleaning my room, which had fallen into depressive disrepair. I love my room, I’ve never seen anything like it and I think it’s a testament to my ability to both organize a space and fill it with color that feels both purposeful and cohesive. Many maximalist rooms feel more like cluttered hoarders dens in my opinion, but I wanted to take bohemian colors and textures and add the maximalism of artwork, plants, and books to fill the space with things that I both enjoyed and felt like they added beauty. If you haven’t seen my room tour, I have linked a TikTok video and Youtube video sharing them. On one wall is my bed with a muted pink duvet and a handmade chunky knit pink blanket (the one I own is one that a friend made me herself, but I have linked a very similar one) draped across, a simple white headboard, a real wood side table that hides a cat bed and serves a secondary purpose as a desk. Above the bed is a shelf that stretches across the entire space which has a shrine to my favorite Sarah J. Mass books on one side, the books at the top of my To Be Read list on the other, and some artwork and a small barely noticeable projector in the middle. On the windowsill are tropical fauna planted alongside my travel guides to the world nestled between two gold mermaid bookends. On the opposite end of the room and diagonal from the door is my reading corner, with a cozy white Papasan chair decorated with a yellow throw and pillow and in front of a giant fiddle leaf fig plant and six floating bookshelves which have the most gorgeous spines in my collection. Most of these novels are more decorative than practical, with gold and silver embossed edges, these books tend to be collector’s editions of classic works such as the full collections of both Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe, and Shakespeare, but they’re also alongside novels on Physics, and Collections of Fairy Tales. There is also a handmade side table beside the chair that I designed and made with my grandfather. It has two raw-edged logs at the top and bottom of the table with a spun wood banister in the middle. The top log has been hollowed out to have a terrarium inside which is filled with colorful succulents. On the other side of the chair is a Moroccan blue-tiled sideboard that demands attention within the space (I have linked a similar sideboard from Anthropologie because the one I have I got on sale at Pier 1 Imports which is no longer available) and is also surrounded by plants. And tucked into the corner beside the closet is a wall-mounted vanity with an