January 1, 2021

Today was my business debut and while I didn’t get any orders, that was to be expected since I didn’t have a huge audience anticipating the launch. Sometimes I set my expectations too high and a part of that is that all of the launches I know about and follow are highly anticipated but then again, if they weren’t I wouldn’t know about them, so I had tried to dampen my optimism with the reality that most people don’t get a lot of sales on the first day of their launch.

Today I did finish the last of the design process and putting all of the pages in Silhouette Studio where I put the cut lines for the Silhouette cutting machine. The design process starts with a theme idea and what headings and content I want to make for the stickers, I arrange layouts and save those to use later in photos, and then make a copy of the design where I arrange all of the elements so that they fit as snugly on the 8.5” x 11” standard letter paper that the sticker paper comes in. Once that design process and arrangement is done I have to save the pages as PNG files with transparent backgrounds and import them into Silhouette (the cutting machines) software. Silhouette has an offset setting that makes it easy enough to make the edges for the stickers, though there’s a lot of playing around with how thick the edge needs to be, some sticker pages are easier than others. Once the actual sticker cutting design is finished I can save that in Silhouette’s library to be pulled up when the stickers need to be printed and cut and Kassondra, my friend who owns the Silhouette I’m currently utilizing, and I have been hard at work doing practice prints of all of the stickers so far.

I’m hoping to use the next couple of weeks before my January class, which starts mid-January this year for whatever odd reason, to design my February stickers and some additional sticker packs to meet more niche needs. I’m also hoping that by mid-January and February when I’m launching these stickers people who have just started bullet journaling and didn’t realize how much work it can be will find my sticker packs and decide to purchase an easier option that will still give them the versatility of bullet journaling. I also know that even if I don’t get many sales this year I’ll have a chance to build a following and have a more successful launch next year. Designing should become easier and easier as I keep going so by this time next year I should have most of my products ready and just need to change them up with fresh themes. I have a ton of ideas for different packs that will make people’s lives from all walks of life easier. Be it, a college student needing to keep track of their course schedule, four-year plan, and study plans or a 30-something that’s saving to buy a house, someone who needs to visualize writing a novel, starting a business, or a world-traveler that wants to journal about their adventures. My dream for this business is to see it provide for the widely versatile needs of anyone who wishes to bullet journal and to do so in a way that is both creative and efficient.

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