Online Courses:

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Live Mocha

EdX - Italian Language and Culture

Future Learn - Italian For Beginners

Open Culture - Talk Italian

Open Culture - BBC Italianissimo

Open Culture - Foreign Service Institute Italian Head Start

Open Culture - Foregin Service Institute Italian Fast Course

Open Culture - Foreign Service Institute Italian Programmed Course

Open Culture - Learn Italian Pod

Open Culture - My Daily Phrase

Open Culture - Speak Italian with Your Mouth Full

Intermediate & Advanced:

EdX - AP Italian Language and Culture

EdX - Italian Language and Culture Intermediate

EdX - Advanced Italian

Media Resources:

Spotify Language Playlists:

old italian music

italian rap

Television Shows:

  • Baby

  • Luna Nera

  • Summertime


  • Malena

  • La Prima Notte di Quiete

  • Primera Eredita Ferramonti

Netflix Codes

Netflix codes can be entered into the Netflix search engine to find movies in the genre, some but not all of these movies will be in the intended language. I will continue to add to this list of resources but this is another tool for you to be able to find resources.

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