How to Use My Airtable Library to Find Your Next Book Recommendation:

Airtable is like Excel on drugs. It creates a database for information that is searchable, shareable, sortable, and connected to related records and so it’s one of my favorite tools to use for organizing information, especially for my blog. That being said, it can be rather overwhelming and so I’m providing this guide to help you navigate my Airtable database of all of the books in my library which include all of the books I’ve read and that I have either already published a review for, which can be found on my Master List of Every Book I’ve Ever Read, or have a review pending and all of the books that I plan on reading which can be found on my Neverending To Be Read List.

Table of Contents:

Jump to the library!

How is it organized?

How do I rate books?

What's a spice rating?

How do I assign genres to a book?

Why do I care if it was an ARC?

How do I know the reading order of a series?

What is a serial?

What is a standalone?

When is a book series considered complete?

How do I know when the next book comes out?