Historic Fort Yellowstone

Over 100-year-old buildings still standing from the United States Army's stationing in Yellowstone National Park. Photographer: Sheffieldb via Flickr

Address: 2 Barracks St, Yellowstone National Park, WY, 82190

(44°58'32.8"N 110°41'53.0"W)

Located in Yellowstone, Fort Yellowstone is a historic landmark and a testament to the long and enduring history of the park post-Louisiana purchase. There are 35 structures from the late-1800s and early 1900s from when the United States Army was tasked with managing the newly created park. This included a unit of “Buffalo Soldiers” from the 25th Infantry. The term “Buffalo Soldier” refers to members of the military that were persons of color and their hair had a similar coarseness to the Buffalo that were at home on the range.

Take a self-guided free walking tour starting at the Albright Visitor Center, which used to be the Bachelor Officer’s Quarters, and I recommend picking up an optional but helpful interpretive brochure for US$1. Across from the visitor’s center are the Parade Grounds, which used to also serve as the drill field, and are now a common place to sight buffalo or elk. Walking down the row of houses you’ll likely sight the Captain’s Quarters, Field Officer’s Quarters, and Officer’s Quarters which now house park service personnel and their families. Additional buildings to see include the chapel, granary, hospital, blacksmith, and stables.


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