February 18, 2020

Today, my morning classes were canceled because the official opening of the University was happening, so I slept in and then when I woke up, I did a fat lot of nothing for a couple of hours. I uploaded the thousand plus photos from the projector photoshoot, edited a few of them, and made a cool vintage style Tik Tok that you should go watch and like because that would be cool.

At eleven I finally rolled my ass out of bed and I cooked coconut curry rice, but I fucked up the vegetables, so they wound up super overcooked and it tasted kind of terrible. That’s my lunch for the week so yay me.

When two o’clock rolled around I hippity hopped out of bed and into clothes real quick to drop off my laundry and head up to campus for class. Two problems: firstly, I forgot my laundry detergent in my dorm so I left my clothes there and said I would bring the detergent by when I got back from class. This is a problem because by the time I got back from class they were closed and so I have no sheets and almost no clothes. Secondly, I was an hour early for class and so I had to just hang out and do nothing – because I left my wonderful book in my dorm room – for an hour. It was an excruciating hour. It’s too bad no random dudes named Winston with Nike checkmarks on their teeth wanted to chat me up when I had nothing better to do.

I bought French fries on my way back to my dorm. They call them chips here and they’re so much better than the French fries I can usually do without in the United States. They’re more potato-y and they put Capana spice on them which is kind of a spicy salt. Their still fries though, because you fry them, not chips. I don’t understand why chips would be the preferred pronunciation for so many countries.

We had breakfast for dinner, which was amazing, I love some good old-fashioned pancakes slathered in peanut butter. There was also a fruit salad for a side which was totes amazing, except the apples which was super tart like fresh blackberries but without the fruity flavor. Basically, they were bland and sour which is a terrible combination. I finished off my night by watching Gremlins because Kendra had a pancake that looked kind of like a Gremlin which made me want to see the freaky buggers on screen. Good movie, 10/10.

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