Fantastic Fanatic Father's Day

Today for father’s day I did a truly shocking thing...I hung out with my father. He is truly the nerdiest geezer I know and so he wanted to go to the Museum of flight. On the way there we stopped by Starbucks and I bought him his quintessential S'mores frappuccino (not to put him on blast but you should have seen what a pout fit he made this last winter when they didn’t have it with their seasonal Christmas drinks). Then we stopped by Haggen in Auburn (the grocery store we used to go to before we moved to Puyallup which has everything and makes our Safeway an utter disappointment by comparison) to buy tahini (which is ground sesame seeds that Safeway didn’t have.) And then ate sushi at Sushi Konami, a fantastic option for an affordable sushi lunch. It’s somewhat Americanized but offers some really great options and always has good, fresh fish. At the Museum of Flight entry was free for dad’s and costs $25 for adults, we also paid $10 each to explore the new ‘Destination Moon’ exhibit which featured the Apollo 11 mission. The flight simulator didn’t meet expectations. It’s advertised similarly to a Universal Studios ride, with an engaging visual story, enhanced by theatrical sound, movement, and smells or mists that make the visual more engaging. Rather than this, it was a plain action scene that could easily have been a part of a Star Wars movie rather than a ride, and we were occasionally jolted. It failed to engage us at all. I spent more time contemplating the cologne the man sitting directly in front of me was wearing than the film I was supposed to be raptly watching. If you’re interested in visiting the Museum of Flight yourself it’s free every first Thursday of the month from 5-9pm which makes seeing some of the additional exhibits and interactions more affordable, if you’ve never been, the main space can also be entertaining, though this part of the museum rarely changes.

After that, we went to REI to purchase some backpacking meals for camping this coming weekend, Bed Bath and Beyond for some glassware, and Barnes and Nobles to find some new books to read. When we got home we ate cioppino with sourdough bread and rewatched Hidden Figures for the thousandth time.

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