Deleted Scene from A Court of Mist and Fury - Wings and Embers

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This scene takes place in A Court of Mist and Fury between Nesta and Cassian and can be read after Chapter 31.

This scene becomes more relevant in the most recent A Court of Thorns and Roses Series book, A Court of Silver Flames which depicts Nesta and Cassian’s relationship and mentions the events that take place in this scene a couple of times.

For Cassian, the brash, handsome Illyrian general of Rhysand’s armies, dealing with the opposite sex has always been easy- and enjoyable. But when he’s dispatched to the human realm to send a message for his High Lord, Cassian finds himself again pitted against Feyre’s sharp-tongued, steel-willed older sister Nesta. Honestly, Cassian has been aching for another round against the beautiful Nesta since their first, tense meeting weeks ago, though he certainly hasn’t admitted that to anyone- least of all himself.

And Cassian certainly hasn’t admitted that he may have finally met someone not so easily seduced by his quick grin and unfaltering arrogance.

Read on for an exclusive look at what happened at that second, private meeting- and why the High Lord’s general refused to divulge any of the details of it when he later returned to the Night Court.


Wings and Embers

It wasn’t that he was looking for a fight, Cassian told himself as he circled above the sprawling estate for the fifth time, despite the unseasonable, early spring chill so brutal it could steal the breath from even the most battle-scarred Illyrian warrior. Rhys had asked him to deliver his latest letter to the human queens since Az was otherwise occupied trying to infiltrate whatever nasty defenses they held around their palace, and Mor didn’t want to set foot in the mortal realm unless necessary. Amren, naturally, was out of the question- simply because she was Amren and it’d likely be like sending a plans-cat into a pen of lambs. So that left him.

Well, Feyre, too, but she and Rhys were…busy.

And, fine- maybe he’s agreed to come a bit too quickly, but…Cassian surveyed the estate, the muddy, thawing grounds, the distant village, and looming, budding forest. He’s left their first encounter here not entirely sure where he’d stood, or who’d had the upper hand. And, Mother damn him, in the past few weeks, he’s found himself turning over every word and look he’d exchanged with her, over and over.

None of it had been pleasant, every syllable from her mouth barbed and vicious, and…Cassian huffed a breath, hot tendrils ripping away in the wind. He couldn’t tell what was worse: that he’s thought so much about it, or that he’d run here so damn fast. And was now…dawdling.

The thought sent him into a swift, near-reckless dive for the green-roofed estate, his magic’s cloaking rendering him little more than a fell wind and a hollow boom of wings. The horses in the nearby stables thrashed and nickered at his approach, but their keepers scanned their immediate surroundings, found nothing of alarm, and resumed their work.