Defining Genres


Action: spy novels, adventure stories, “cloak and dagger” mysteries.

Adult: anything that includes graphic sexual content, violence, or language. Usually centered around a protagonist older than their 20s who is facing obstacles that are of a more adult nature such as marriage and having children.

Adventure: an event or series of events occurs that draws the protagonist away from their ordinary life.

Aliens: a main character is an alien or it is a main theme of the novel.

Angels: a major character is an angel or they are a main theme of the book.

Animals: told from the point-of-view of an animal.

Apocalyptic: an apocalyptic event occurs during the plot.

Artificial Intelligence: a subgenre of science fiction focusing on the ethical dilemmas of artificial intelligence

BDSM: bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, submission, dominance, or another kink are a part of the plot.

Chicklit: consists of heroine-centered narratives focusing on obstacles within the character’s own life.

Children’s: the protagonist is younger than sixteen at the start of the narrative and it centers around younger themes.

Christian: books that are centered around Christian beliefs and values.

Christian Romance: romances that are centered around Christian beliefs and values.

Classics: novels that are studied as literature.

Comedy: stories that are intended to be humorous

Coming of Age: heroine-centered narrative in the young adult age range.

Contemporary: setting of story is modern day.

Contemporary Romance: romances set in the modern day.

Crime: a narrative that involves crimes including detective stories, murder mysteries, and police novels

Cultural: has themes of learning about a culture either of the main character or where the main character learns about another culture.

Cyberpunk: a subgenre of Science Fiction featuring countercultural antiheroes trapped in a dehumanized, high-tech future

Dark Academia: stories that are in a school setting featuring secret societies, mystery, and other somewhat harrowing circumstances

Dark Romance: a sub-genre of romance that usually contains dubious or outright cruel treatment of the protagonist by their love interest which can include kidnapping, entrapment, abuse, dubious or outright lack of consent. An important highlight is that this is fiction and while its themes are controversial, it is up to each individual reader to decide whether they are interested.