The Color You Need to Know About: Periwinkle Blue

Meet periwinkle, the color that no one is talking about right now but that is about to explode in 2019 and 2020.

It's been on red carpets and runways for years but the trickle down into retail has been slow, until recently. It used to be that the only things you could find in periwinkle blue were matching pastel lingerie sets but now you can find it in workout clothes, evening gowns, and even mascara and lipstick. This upcoming year is all about finding new ways to wear classic colors and styles and just as we're seeing this trend of refurbishing old forgotten things in sunglasses and hair accessories, now we'll be seeing it in the restyling of pastel colors. Pastels such as periwinkle blue used to be reserved to items that exuded femininity, aka cute lingerie sets and frilly blouses, but now it's taken a turn into athletic clothes and women's pantsuits.

We're just beginning to see the first hints of next year's retail blockbuster color, the color every everyday person and celebrity alike will be seen in. Periwinkle blue is going to be a bold yet subtle approach to fashion next year.

The runway loves this color and comes back to it year after year, whether it's Fenty X Puma's 2017 Autumn/Winter collection that premiered during Paris Fashion week, or Oscar de la Renta's 2019 resort collection.

The color is even beginning to saturate the beauty community with acclaimed cosmetics brand Colourpop creating an entire collection of products that feature the color from their BFF Mascara to their Lux Lipsticks and Creme Liners in pencil and gel form and even a new all-blue palette called "Blue Moon." All of these items at or under $12.

The best way to wear periwinkle blue will be cohesive complete looks. For example a perwinkle blue set of slacks and blazer are a great way to wear the color to the office for a fun and professional look. You can also find matching athletic wear such as the look from Adidas which is linked below.


Shop some of my favorite items from this trend below!

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