August 25, 2019

While Vanessa was at work I binged Mindhunter’s Season 2, which is the best mind thriller on TV right now and a must-watch for true-crime or twisted psychology lovers. It’s based on the true story of the development of the Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI and the development of behavioral profiling. It’s vile but fascinating, the ethics are questionable but the data that they gather allows them to in-real-time catch violent criminals such as the BTK killer and develop techniques that are still being refined to this day. This season includes some of the most derisive criminals of the ’60s including Charles Manson and the Candyman Killer. Keep in mind that this TV show is absolutely not appropriate for children and includes disturbing descriptions of violence and extreme levels of profanity. On rotten tomatoes, it got a 97 percent on the Tomatometer and a 95 percent audience score.

After she got home we went to Victoria Gardens, an outdoor mall where we went perusing and making fun of the weird trendy clothing. I still don’t understand the craze with neon lime green, and Forever21 had a collection of cropped sweaters that were so cropped they wouldn’t even reach your nipples.

We returned home for dinner which was Jade Red Chicken that was initially the creation of a Mexican-Chinese fusion restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona called Chino Bandido.

After that, we went out to a boba tea place, Berrylicious, and played board games with Vanessa’s friends.

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