August 14, 2019

Today we visited Six Flags, the amusement king of roller coasters. The tickets were about $70 when purchased at least a day in advance or $100 if purchased the day of, and food came at a steep price with the park charging $8 for lemonade and almost $20 for most meals. You can come and go from the park if you want to pack a lunch and leave it in the car, though the walk is over half a mile to walk from the park to the parking lot and back. Besides those details, the rides were often unique compared to most roller coasters, with one flipping you upside down for the whole ride and another designed to cause you to blackout on the final loop. My favorite was the scream rollercoaster which felt like flying. Though when the sun is beating down on you the Raging Rapids is a great water coaster for a cooldown. Over the course of the day, we rode eight roller coasters and would have ridden more but the park closed earlier than advertised at 6 instead of 8.

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