Angel Terrace

The white calcite terraces surround petrified trees.

Address: 44°57'56.3"N 110°42'33.8"W

Located in Yellowstone, one of the geothermal landmarks among Mammoth Hot Springs Upper Terrace drive is Angel Terrace. Because you can view Angel Terrace on a #drive through Mammoth Hot Springs Upper Terrace it is both free and easy to access for people of all ages and abilities. Angel Terrace is known for its pure white formations and while its periods of activity are highly unpredictable, when they occur it is possible to see microorganisms in the pools along Angel Terrace. You can also find petrified trees which are still standing because the minerals produced by the geothermal activity were taken up by the roots of the trees eventually leading them to calcify creating skeletal remains that stand watch over Angel Terrace.


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