31 Days of Halloween - October 1, 2020

I decided to try my hand at the 31 Days of Halloween challenge for the first time this year after watching some of my favorite artists do it for the last few years.

I’ve always convinced myself that I don’t have the time, the money for the supplies, the skills to do well, or the patience to create the incredible pieces that I see my favorite MUA’s making on the daily for the whole month. This year was different, I didn’t have any excuses about time or money, and I the only way I can become as good as these amazing artists are is to try and to practice my hand at the makeup.

This first look is the first Halloween makeup look I’ve ever done so I tried to recreate something that seemed simple enough and that I could replicate with the makeup I already own.

31 Days of Halloween is a makeup challenge that a number of artists try their hand at every spooky season. The artists create or replicate monsters and costumes and put out some incredibly creative and vibrant work. Some artists prepare props, costumes, wigs, and more to embody the character.

This makeup look is inspired by @beautybymols on Instagram and was shared on October 28, 2019.

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