Jumping back into journaling

It’s hard to keep habits, and lately, I’ve been struggling to balance school, work, life, and all of the other priorities crowding my plate. It’s hard to go from constantly being on an adventure, to having all the time in the world to find yourself, to being on everyone else’s schedule again. The first things I let fall to the wayside are the things that reside in the slice of pie that’s all about me. Journaling, cooking, exercising, my morning and evening routines, the things that make me feel sane and ground me when everything else is overwhelming.

I had to take a second and remind myself why these things are important. That without a morning routine and exercise I don’t feel awake, that without journaling and an evening routine I don’t sleep as well, that without cooking and taking time to do things for me I lose my sense of excitement about the things in life that are new. I found my mind wandering because I was yearning so much to be doing anything else which reminded me why balance is important. I’m not going to be able to jump back into a routine as easily as I left one but I think a good first step is to start journaling again.

And so here we are on a Friday evening after just over two weeks away from the keyboard. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning I have general biology at eight, general chemistry at nine, and introductory physical education at eleven. (What did I learn today? In biology, we’re studying Mendelian genetics and evolution which can be defined as the frequency of alleles in a population over time. In chemistry, we’re practicing the math for determining the rate of reaction, and the rate of half-lives of a reaction. In phys ed, we did fitness testing and I’m proud to say I am doing excellent.)

Following this, I went to lunch with my friend Kiana to a new restaurant near campus called Zen. It’s an American twist on some traditional Asian dishes, such as serving sushi in a burrito. I got the ‘Firecracker’ which is deep-fried and includes sriracha bathed tuna. The dish was interesting and delicious, with a unique blend of flavors. I don’t like that the flavors aren’t mixed and so each bite is different, but not in a good way. Where in a smaller sushi roll you get a balance of flavors in each bite some bites would be overly spicy with the tuna and spicy mayo, while others would be a bite of mayo and avocado and lacking in punch. Even so, I think that this restaurant will likely become a staple in my rotation.

I returned home to work on homework for the afternoon, managing to accomplish most of what was on my to-do list for the weekend before the weekend had even begun.

That evening I went out with my friends to a house party near campus. While it was crowded with people it was a super fun time, the DJ was playing hits that were perfect to dance to, all of my friends were having a great time, and socializing came easy. At just after midnight the party got broken up by the police though which was a huge bummer. While everyone attempted to trample each other in their stampede to the front door I walked up to the police officer at the sliding glass and exited. College kids at a party and their rampant fear of cops will always bewilder me.

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