Striking gold, or new porcelain skin: It's Skin USA Tiger Cica Collection

Over the last month, I have been testing a range of products from It’s Skin USA called the Tiger Cica collection. I was sent these products by Try Me Style Korean as an opportunity to bring new products to you, my viewers.

Now, I have tried dozens of products over the years for sensitive and dry skin, some of which worked better than others. In my opinion, this collection is some of the best. It boasts Centella Asiatica extract in all of the products in the line which is a traditional Chinese medicine that is said to help with skin regeneration and wound healing. It has soothing properties and feels similar to aloe vera. The packaging for the entire collection feels luxury and expensive and when I first began my research I was shocked to discover that per ounce it’s actually more affordable than my drugstore love, the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line.

I received the calming water ($28), calming serum ($30), gel cream ($29), and tone-up cushion with SPF50+ ($28), which is four out of six of the products in the collection but enough on its own to create a complete skincare routine. The other two products are a cleanser and a moisturizing balm. For my skincare routine, I began by first dampening a cotton pad with the calming water and patting across the skin. The calming water is a gentle toner used to balance the pH of dry skin after cleansing it. It also adds moisture back into the skin which soap, cleansers, and acne treatments may strip. The next step is the calming serum, of which I applied approximately two pumps to my face and neck, which gently soothes skin. The gel moisturizer is perhaps the most important because it creates a barrier protecting the healthy skin underneath. The cushion should only be applied in the morning before the day begins and can serve as a lightweight cushion for the base of your makeup, or a blurring SPF for those who would rather go without makeup. The pad provided helps to apply the product evenly without contaminating the cushion of the product too much with your hands.

Other important things to note: this line of products contains added fragrance and alcohol which may be irritating for some.

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