The Koi: urchin, quail egg, and squid oh my tummy

Today we had a five-hour drive home from Idaho that consisted of listening to music, playing lame car ride games, and staring out the window at seemingly endless snow.

That evening I saw Taylor, one of my best friends, for the first time in two months and we drove around for an hour looking for a restaurant that was open at 8 pm on a weeknight during the start of Snowmageddon 2k19. Finally, we found the Koi, a sushi restaurant near the University of Washington-Tacoma.

The menu advertised an assortment of unique fish and seafood options and the atmosphere oozed high-quality and class. I decided to take several large steps outside of my comfort zone and try the strangest thing I could find on the menu. This led me to a quail egg and urchin in ponzu vinaigrette shooter and squid dumplings. Alongside both of these, I had my usual sushi go-to, a dragon roll. With the shooter, I only tasted the acidity of the vinaigrette as I swallowed the concoction, though I assume that it was jam-packed with protein. The squid gave me more of a flavor profile, a mayonnaise-based sauce, a crunchy fried outer dough, and an almost sweet taste, while the texture of the squid was a bit chewy and didn’t have a distinct taste of its own.

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