Shredding Schweitzer

We woke up early and left for Schweitzer ski resort, about an hour and a half from where we were staying. You can get free parking in the lower parking lots but you have to catch a shuttle or trek all the way to the resort, parking costs just under $10 in the main parking lot. It was still a bit of a walk from the car to the resort, but at least I wasn’t soaked in sweat before I’d even shredded a bunny slope. boasts one of the largest resorts in the Coeur d’Alene area, and for experienced skiers and snowboarders, it’s the place to go. We had the sheer dumb luck of being there on college day and so a pass that was normally $80 cost only just over $40, almost the same price as Lookout, a much smaller resort. Keep in mind, these deals happen once or twice a season.

On the downside, the clouds were hovering around us and reducing visibility to about ten to twenty feet. By afternoon, there was a good amount of snow coming down, and while that meant perfect powder for skiing, it meant the visibility got even worse. This might not have been a problem except Schweitzer could definitely improve their signage. The maps are confusing, and the trails have many intersections making it difficult to know for sure that you’re on the run you mean to be on and can be dangerous if you take a run that’s more difficult than your skill level.

I managed to get myself so lost that I skied up the mountain, which is some feat. I waited for twenty minutes for my friends thinking that they must have had some monster of a yard sale while at the same time they were at the correct meeting spot at the bottom of the run waiting for me and thinking the same thing. Everything ended up fine, especially since there’s cell service all over Schweitzer so I was able to call them and let them know where I was and a new meeting place.

The food is also delicious and affordable, I would highly recommend the spicy teriyaki chicken bowl which was $8 and a far better alternative than attempting to make something out of the disaster that OR claims is a lunch. And just in case you’re only just beginning to read this blog and think that I’m just a bland eater who lacks bravery and a sense of adventure, in the last month I have tried: goat, iguana, conch, squid, beef heart, and crab that was still in the shell, and that’s before we even begin to talk about the fruits and vegetables that saw my plate and palette. Some were amazing, creative works of culinary craftsmanship, and others I could do without ever eating again.

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