Looping down Lookout Pass

Today we shredded powder at Lookout Pass which was beautiful, affordable, and less crowded than other ski resorts. On the downside, the runs were marked more difficult than they are and the choices for food are scarce. They do have microwaves available if you bring a packed lunch with you.

Outdoor Recreation has their own unique idea of a ‘lunch’ which I think is a form of torture. An outdoor rec lunch is a tortilla with everything on it, and I do mean everything. Salsa, hummus, peanut butter, summer sausage, random varieties of shredded cheese, gummy bears, Oreos, bell peppers, and whatever else they’ve brought along. The torture is in choosing whether to force feed this bout of diarrhea on a plate to yourself or starve for the foreseeable future.

We finished the night with some pizza and board games.

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