Taxes suck

Since I got back a day late from Trinidad and Tobago I have to fit all of my preparations for school and my Idaho skiing trip that I leave for tomorrow into the span of today. Since I was in a hurry I drove to Starbucks and grabbed my go-to breakfast and energy booster, a double-smoked bacon and chicken panini with a venti very berry refresher in a personal cup.

I spent the morning packing for my long weekend, answering e-mails, finishing my final essay for my social work class in Trinidad and Tobago, and then drove to my mom’s work to meet up for lunch and do my taxes and the FAFSA. We went to a new ramen place at Kent Station called Shibu Ramen. The ramen was average, the spicing was good but the broth was a bit watery and it was mostly noodles. However, the serving size was large enough that it could easily be split between two people and the restaurant offered takeaway containers which would make a serving of ramen about five dollars, making it a good choice if you want good food on a budget.

That evening we watched Bohemian Rhapsody. The movie was absolutely amazing and I definitely recommend seeing it, especially if you’re a fan of Queen, older music, biopics, or just good movies.

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