Saying Goodbye

Today is our last day on the island but for the most part it was spent in preparation and anticipation of our day of travel tomorrow. We packed our luggage, cleaned house, had class, and checked in at the airport. There were also several people who got tattoos throughout the day from a fabulously talented artist who came into the guesthouse to give the tattoos. After seeing the tattoos that he created on other people’s skin I wished that I had the time to get a tattoo from him myself, but knew that we didn’t have the time for him to draw up what I wanted.

We partied that night away at Sunday School. We gorged ourselves on food, I bought the painting I fell in love with the first week here, we drank rum punch, danced with a group of girls from Ireland, and went on long walks on the beach with strangers. It felt like time stood still in that moment, like you could bottle the feeling and carry it with you in your memory but that you could never quite feel that way again.

In this place, death is seen as a reason to celebrate and birth a reason to cry, and so too are goodbyes. We celebrated our goodbyes and fell in love once more with this island.

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