Vampires??? Nah, it's just a blood moon lunar eclipse

At one am there was a lunar eclipse. I woke up in time to walk outside and stare at the complete lunar eclipse in the night sky, a deep red blood moon surrounded by a nearly complete ring of white light. I went back to bed immediately following this. If you enjoy stargazing then Trinidad and Tobago are a great place to do it, with very little light pollution you can see galaxies in the distance, and Orion is always easy to spot. I'm incredibly grateful to have gotten to experience this once-in-a-lifetime astronomy experience in such a beautiful place on such a perfect night and my only wish would have been to have my DSLR camera and a tripod.

At six I woke up before dawn to hike up to the fire tower above the guest house and watched the sun rise over Port of Spain. I absolutely recommend going on this short hike, and I enjoyed doing it by myself and enjoying the quiet of dawn.

Later that morning we got in the van and left for the airport. We were able to catch an earlier flight and so I purchased beef roti to go from the coffee shop in the airport. It was delicious but was $35TT for not very much food. If you have the time I absolutely recommend going to the food court just outside the airport where you can get much more food that will be more fresh at the same or a better price.

When we got back to Tobago we had class, went grocery shopping, made dinner, and went to bed.

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