An epic waterfall

We started the day at Fort Granby at 9:30. While the fort was nothing special it boasted gorgeous views from a hill spotted with benches looking out on a gorgeous bay. It’s well worth a brief stop and photo op. Following that, we went to Argyle Falls, which was six cascading waterfalls with swimming pools between them. If you’re looking to hire a tour guide they’re $60TT, or you can just enjoy the waterfall yourself for free. The walk to the first falls is a quarter-mile flat hike that is very easy, however, if you would like to reach the falls above the first you can via a hiking trail which is intermediate with a steep incline and slippery leaves. While the hike is difficult the view from the top is very rewarding. The first falls has a pool that is six meters deep and you can dive in from a rock off to the side, which is incredibly fun. Afterwards we ate lunch at the visitors center at Argyle Falls. We had pre-made lunches provided but the visitors center did have snacks and drinks available and a restaurant was being built next to it that will open a few weeks after we have left. I also tried a sucker bag, an ice cream treat made from peanut butter (or Guineas), milk, spices, etc. and frozen in a small plastic bag. You bite off the corner and drink it.

We also talked about the Mother tree, also known as the Silk Cotton tree, which is placed in each new village as a way to know how long it’s been there and as a place for the spirits. There is a practice of bringing a bottle of rum to the tree and drinking it with the spirits while telling them your troubles and asking for guidance or vengeance. There are also children’s tales about spirits following you home from the tree if you’re out too late.

Our last stop of the day was at Englishman’s Bay which boasted a beautiful beach. It was a slightly bumpy ride down to the beach and required a vehicle to get there but had less people than other beaches like Pigeon Point Heritage Park. The sand was courser and the waves could be a bit rougher, but the snorkeling was fabulous - much better than the Coral Gardens. There is also food and bathrooms available.

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