Selfcare Sunday, Sunsets, and Sunday School

It’s Selfcare Sunday everyone! Aka my parents who are the only ones reading this. I slept in, did a face mask, drank some tea, and had an overall very relaxing morning. I accomplished some chores and started an essay due later in the week as well as getting some reading done. I ate a BLT without the L or the T and with a large helping of avocado and finished eating the guacamole I had made the previous day. Due to the lime it kept very well overnight, only browning slightly on the top which was easily incorporated into the rest of the fresher guac underneath.

Everyone has mysterious bites appearing, mostly on their legs, that are in most cases small and itchy, are in clusters of two or more, and have a delayed onset of an unknown amount of time. I have more than 70 bites when only counting those below my knees. Competing theories are sand fleas, ants, or bedbugs. Whatever it is I plan on washing my linens very thoroughly when I arrive home and am wearing pants and long-sleeved shirts to bed to prevent accumulating more bites because my legs all ready itch like a mother. We also changed our sheets and sprayed all of the entrances to hopefully prevent more bugs from crawling in. In other bug news, a cockroach was found on one student’s luggage which caused quite a stir.

Around 4,A I headed to the nearby Bacolet Beach with a group of friends and we watched the Sun set over the water. It was like the end of a nature movie or a photo from a postcard, the last rays of sunlight turning the clouds a burnt orange with hints of cotton candy pink.

Later that night we went to Sunday School both for the fun party and because I desperately wanted to purchase the painting I had seen the previous week. While I checked many times the artist wasn’t there this week and I had to pray that he would be here the day before we left and that he wouldn’t have sold that painting as yet. Sunday School was fabulous, I had a bake and shark and a smoothie again and a man bought me a tequila sunrise, though it was by far the worst tequila sunrise I had ever had. The bartender should have just said they couldn’t make the drink, but rather he filled ¾ of the small glass with cheap tequila, topped it off with orange juice, and then a splash of cranberry juice rather than Grenadine syrup. Let me just tell you that those two things are not the same and that cranberry juice cannot blend the flavors in nearly the same way that Grenadine syrup accomplishes the feat. I also went and saw the ‘earring man.’ The nickname given to a jeweler at a blue corner shop a couple of hundred yards from the main pavilion. I purchased a necklace and earring set from him in a black shiny lava rock with veins of glittery rose gold. The dancing was a blast and I was able to just forget myself and have fun with my friends on the dance floor. It was such an amazing way to end the day and when we got back I immediately went to sleep.

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