Family, friends, and holiday cheer to round out my year

I started the day off with my mom. We left for the Westfield Southcenter Mall around ten for a shopping trip and lunch. Right as the doors of the stores were supposed to open at 11, the fire alarm started blaring. While it was a nuisance, it had a silver lining, my mom and I noticed a few new stores that we wouldn’t have visited otherwise and found some of my favorite clothes from the day.

We visited Fuego, where I bought a new planner for the year, a beautiful beige shawl, and two flannels. The next store we stopped at was a tea shop called Steepologie, a brand new store with over 300 kinds of tea. It was totally unique, and while the sheer number of options was quite overwhelming the staff were remarkably knowledgeable and helpful, guiding us to options that were unexpected and yet perfect. After that, we went to Forever21, which was not normally a store I liked. The last couple of times I had gone I didn’t find anything of quality that I considered worth purchasing. This time was so far in the opposite direction it was shocking, nearly everything I grabbed was a hit, they were quality, and fit wonderfully if not perfectly. The way they had color-coordinated the organization of the store made it easy to find pieces that styled well together making it feel like I was ready to make my debut on the runway. We went from there to H&M to buy some basics, satin button-ups in white, navy, and black, and some solid, matte stockings in breathable fabrics for Trinidad and Tobago.

We went from shopping to lunch at my favorite restaurant, which was also located in the mall. Din Tai Fung, a dim sum restaurant, where my mom and I tried four new dishes we had never had before. A spicy soup, a spicy shrimp dish, chicken potstickers, and pork and vegetable buns. As always it was fantastic. I left with a green milk tea and red bean buns for dessert.

We went home for a couple of hours before I drove to Auburn, picked up my best friend and went to dinner at Sushi Konami. I hadn’t seen Kass in a couple of months since she lived in and went to school in Eastern Washington, a couple of hours away. We ate dinner and caught up and then we went to Zoo Lights at the Point Defiance Zoo, we goofed off and enjoyed the Christmas lights.

Today was an amazing day.

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