A day in the water

I started my day with two morning dives with my dad, at eight that morning we dove the Paso Del Cedral Wall. We had a fantastic dive master named Lucas who was magic at finding the itsy-bitsy things on the ocean floor. We saw turtles, a nurse shark, nudibranchs, and a couple of lobster. This part of the reef was much healthier than what we saw on Tuesday at Colombia Cordillera. Our second dive was at Albertos rather than Jurassic Park which was beautiful. There were tiny jawfish and lobster, a spotted eel, and a nudibranch called the Purplering Flabellina.

We grabbed a quick lunch and then my mom joined us for snorkeling that afternoon. We stopped in two places for fifty minutes each, it was beautiful but I was cold. I would certainly recommend wearing a long sleeve wetsuit both for the cold of the water, and because there are a small species of jellyfish that floats near the surface which has a nasty sting. I only got stung twice, but one woman on the tour told us that in a previous year she accidentally swam through a pod and her arms were covered in blisters.

For dinner, we wanted to try something new and went to Kinta Mexican Bistro. Directing the taxi to the location of this restaurant was frustrating but since it was near the main drag we had him drop us off on the main road a couple of blocks from the restaurant and walked. This restaurant advertises itself as gourmet and in my opinion certainly delivers. We tried three courses, first the Flatbread Pulpo - octopus, cilantro pesto, cherry tomatoes, and brie on a piece of flatbread. It was absolutely fabulous, a sensational mix of flavors. Next, we had the Freska Salad - a mix of greens, granny smith apples, dried cranberries, gorgonzola, pepita, and tamarind. It was one of the best salads I’ve had in my entire life and something I will certainly be trying to recreate. For entrees my mom and I tried the Midnight Pork Ribs - a Jamaica-agave glaze coating the meat with sides of rosemary potatoes and Yucatan salad. My dad had the Lobster Lasagna - made with freshly caught lobster, smoked provolone, focaccia, and spinach roasted in a wood fire oven. Everything was absolutely phenomenal, it made my mouth water, and even while I was full I was trying to eat more. Another perk of this establishment was the adorable blind black cat named Panita.

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