Lions and Tigers and...Bull Sharks?

For the second day in a row, it was too windy to dive in Cozumel. Thankfully we were expecting this this time and moved on to plan B. At eight that morning we met at the dive shop and then walked with our gear packed in our dive bag to the lobby where a taxi picked us up and drove us to the ferry terminal. We took the nine o’clock ferry to the mainland and were picked up by another taxi and taken to the larger Iberostar resort on the coast and to the sister dive shop. At 10:30 we entered the water for our first dive, a wreck called the Mama Viña. We saw two large moray eels. The larger of the two was named Anaconda, and for good reason, it was at least twelve feet in length and had a head that was just short of being the size of a basketball. The other moray eel was between seven and eight feet which somehow looked like a dwarf beside Anaconda.

Our second dive was at 1:30 with bull sharks, called one of the most thrilling dives in the world. This dive is very safe because the bull sharks are acclimated to divers commonly being in the area and it is observing them in their natural environments from a safe distance, however, the dive masters did go over safety precautions prior to us entering the water. The bull sharks are attracted to the fresh water leaving the cenotes, also known as sinkholes, and the abundance of fish. This dive was exhilarating and an entirely unique experience.

We got back from diving at around five o’clock, showered, and went into town for dinner at la Palmeras for the third time this week.

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