Sometimes it rains while you're on vacation

Wednesday and Thursday were predicted to be very stormy and when we woke up Wednesday morning it was raining hard and the wind was blowing the palm trees about. We went to breakfast at the resort and I tried an omelet with mushrooms, bell pepper, tomato, and cheese with cantaloupe and juice on the side.

After that we holed up in the room for a few hours, reading and watching TV because the rain outside had closed down almost any activity. By one in the afternoon the rain had stopped for the most part and we walked down the beach to a restaurant very close to the resort called Alberto’s. They had fresh seafood and were within walking distance which made them an easy choice for lunch that afternoon. My mom and I tried the chicken tacos and quesadillas because we weren’t interested in seafood at the moment and my dad had the buttered conch. The food was better than that available at the resort but the customer service wasn’t great and the food took a long time to get to us even though we were one of only two tables.

The rest of the day was spent doing not much of anything, we went to the VIP lounge and pool for a while, ate dinner at the resort, and went to bed.

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